hi to all,

i've written some program using s60 3rd editition SDK FP2 and carbide.c++. in the beginning i tested it in both the "emulator" and on the phone (e63) and it worked fine. then, done some changes in code i tested for some weeks only on the emulator where everthing works. now again i used the phone and had to encounter that on the phone it installs without any errors and the installed application is also shown but, when i try to start it, NOTHING happens - no crash, no error message, not even the slightest blink - just nothing....only it shows on the screen the title of the application, not showing any UI or somthing .
for it running perfectly in the "emulator" i have no idea what the problem could be. does this have anything to do with capabilities? or with certificates? or something else?
because i relyed on the "emulator" for so long, the program is very large and i cannot isolate the problem.

Does anytbody have idea about it that what could be the problem?