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Thread: Need Advice

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    Question Need Advice

    Hi all,
    i'm new to mobile apps,
    and i'm gonna develop a mobile app as a graduation project,
    it's OCR
    extract text from captured images and translate,read,process it and other tasks.

    first i need to know what language is best for such app (OCR and image processing),

    i knew that there's java, symbian C++, and QT..

    and there's may be others,

    also i'm not familiar with QT, so
    some one advise me with best language for such app and also need to know what devices i need t get....
    books if possible
    thanks alot

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    Re: Need Advice

    In the C++-based environments (Symbian C++ and Qt) you have more memory to work with, which may be important for the particular use case of image processing. Otherwise the hard part in OCR is the OCR algorithm itself, which is mostly mathematical stuff, quite independent from the language you choose.
    If you already know Java, its mobile variant is going to be familiar, so you can start with it (just with smaller images). If you want something C++, you may find Qt more friendly than Symbian C++.

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    Re: Need Advice

    For J2ME OCR topic is discussed : OCR in J2ME

    For Symbian C++ check this : OCR engine not supported

    Qt is easy than Symbian C++, and having rich class library.

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    Re: Need Advice

    Thanks guys

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