I'm trying to create a transparent Image and draw an SVG image on top of it. This way I would not have to draw SVG image in paint() methods. I want to do it this way because it seems to be much slower to draw SVG images than Image objects.

But there is a problem. The code below works on an emulator (N97) but not on a real device (Nokia C5-00, Nokia E52). On a real device the image is totally transparent if I use color 0x00000000. SVG image is not shown at all. If the color is set to 0xFF000000 this code works on a real device, but the background is black and I would like to have a transparent background.

Image newImage =  DirectUtils.createImage(imageWidth, imageHeight, 0x00000000);
if(newImage != null) {
	Graphics g = newImage.getGraphics();
        scalableGraphics.render(0, 0, svgImage);
Has anyoone had the same problem?
Is the only solution drawing SVG images to Canvas?

Any help would be appreciated.