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    Unhappy UNIT HANG

    i buy a nokia 1680 classic last dec 2009 made in india for about a week problem start hang the unit, it took me almost 2 times to return to shop for repair 1st they format the program,but not work, 2nd they change the board they said,

    my second unit i buy again 2330c made in india again, well its better than before it last for about 3 month now but lately i observe same problem with my unit that hang also for sometimes but not as frequent as before,so right now i am thinking if i will buy again nokia made in india?

    i am thinking to buy new unit but can nokia replace unit for diffrent kind of unit?


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    This discussion board caters to issues faced by 3rd party application developers. For end users issues and peer support please post your query in http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/

    Good Luck!!

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