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    Load Symbian DLL or use function from DLL in Qt App

    Hi All,

    This is my 2nd day with Qt development and eventually it has became tough for me to migrate from Carbide C++ to Qt for Symbian.. need your help..

    I have a Symbian C++ DLL developed using Carbide C++ for sending SMS.. I want to use this DLL in a Qt App.. say a button push on Qt App triggers SendL() in DLL and sends SMS.. things I am stuck with are:

    1. How do I connect to or load a Symbian DLL in Qt App..
    LIBS += c:/Qt/4.7.0/lib/SmsDll.lib in Qt .pro or
    symbian:LIBS += -lSmsDll
    none of the above is working for me and I cannot connect or load SMS.. I have even tried loading an existing header file from Carbide work space which resulted in header file not found error..

    HEADERS += mainwindow.h \
    2. Can I use the same header file which i have used in Carbide C++ in Qt as well.. reason is when I just create new header file of the Symbian LIB Header file within the Qt App.. I can only see lot of errors as I can see that Qt does't understand any of the Symbian header files or libraries or datatypes.. DO I NEED TO CREATE A NEW HEADER FILE OF THE LIB FILE in Qt..

    3. How can i invoke SendL() function which eventually is in DLL from my push button or atleast from Main() of Qt.. for Dynamic loading..

    void MainWindow:n_SendSmsButton_clicked()
    QLibrary myLib("SmsDll");
    typedef void (*MyPrototype)();
    if(myLib.isLoaded())//this succeeds
    MyPrototype myFunction = (MyPrototype) myLib.resolve("SendL");
    if (myFunction)
    I need to pass arguments Phone Number and Message to SendL()..

    I am a bit lost.. can you plz help me with an example or suggestions of loading and using a Symbian DLL in a Qt App..

    Thank you very much..

    P.S. If the whole message is absolutely crap plz forgive me as this eventually is my 2nd day with Qt...
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