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    Java Verified: only ONE flow chart??

    The java verified process requires one flowchart for the whole app. This is not a realistic goal. Java Verified have acknowledged as such to me. But unfortunately, as of now, the process has not changed.

    Now Ovi is offering to Java Verify apps. Please look into this. My app has over 20 screens, and fitting this into one JPEG was tough (finding a graphics program and PC that can cope with such a large JPEG is not easy).

    I expect any app that needs to have more screens than this may not be able to submit to the Java Verified process, simply because it has too many screens.

    Maybe an alternatice solution would be to allow more than one JPEG, and so decompose an app into multiple flow charts?

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    Re: Java Verified: only ONE flow chart??

    Why not leave out parts of the app and see if it passes anyway?
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