Dear all,

I searched this forum for possible answers, but the search results were mostly not relevant...

I want to package my Python app to a .SIS file, but I've found many problems and I'm not sure what solutions are recommended. Here's the first one:

Importing my own modules

I broke down my app code into different .py files and stored them in C:\data\python. While testing the app with the Python Shell, I can import them by first issuing the command: sys.path.append('C:\\data\\python'); in any .py file I create.

Of course, I don't want users to manually create and install that folder. I thought that building the SIS file with the PyS60 Application Packager and selecting "Script directory" would package everything in that directory, but it doesn't seem to be the case.

The packaged program runs - as long as all files are available in C:\data\python. When I remove a module from there I get the "No module named xxx" error. Also, from the debug.txt file (created by the packager), it seems that only some of the modules in the PyS60 distro (camera, sensor, etc.) are added to the package.

So what is the "right" way to import my own modules, both during testing (with the Python Shell) and packaging for distribution (with the PyS60 Application Packager)?