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    openUrl Phone Call

    Hi all,
    i'm making a phone call with

    widget.openUrl("tel: 123456789");

    but this method also open web browser.

    I'm testing this method call with C7.

    Also happens with sending mail with "mailto:".

    Is there a workaround to make a phone call without open web brower?


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    Re: openUrl Phone Call

    Hello, if it is user clicking something that should start the call, you could try something I suggested earlier: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...et-make-a-call

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    Re: openUrl Phone Call

    I need to call javascript widget.openUrl method (no HTML).

    But always open web browser when i try to make a call.

    I need to avoid web browser.

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    Re: openUrl Phone Call

    I solved using
    window.location = "tel: +123456789"

    Thanks all!

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