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    Problems when bundling OpenC with my application


    I have been trying to release my package with OpenC bundled in it and encountered many issues.
    I would like to :

    a) Bundle the OpenC sis - did that with @"pips_s60_1_7_SS.sis",(0x20013851)
    b) Avoid removal of it by the user - I added dependencies, but I found out that the openC sis installs
    a number of sub-sis so I had to create dependencies to each sub-sis. (needed to use sis-explorer to
    find out their uids) - Is there a better way?

    my result was :
    ;(0x20013851), 1, 7, 5, {"PIPS Installer"}
    ;(0x20009A80), 1, 7, 5, {"PIPS"}
    ;(0x20009A7E), 1, 4, 0, {"PIPS Pipes"}
    ;(0x2002372A), 1, 7, 5, {"PIPS Signal Server"}

    c) After doing that I found out that I couldn't remove my application from the phone, I got an "removal failed"
    error when trying to remove and needed to manually uninstall all of the sub-sis files (through the application manager) in order to be able to remove the sis. This is of course unacceptable. What am I missing?

    d) Last question - how can I handle version issues? If someone would installer a newer OpenC version
    In the future on the phone - is there a way for me to remain with the old version (against which I tested)?

    Is there a way to avoid all of this and statically link with the OpenC dlls?

    thank you,

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    Re: Problems when bundling OpenC with my application

    Unfortunately there is no easy and reliable way for current devices, packages can be uninstalled and/or downgraded. A wild hack is to deploy the installers with your application, and have a launcher application which check presence and version of the extra libraries (via loading them manually), install them if necessary, then launch the main application (which can be linked normally with the libraries, since this time the libraries are present). I think this approach would work, but I am not aware of an actual implementation for it.
    A thing which popped into my mind is that the c) might be caused by the dependency line.

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    Re: Problems when bundling OpenC with my application

    I agree (c) is caused by that.

    BTW, on the N97 this makes the dependency unusable because the phone won't let me instll at all in this case.

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