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    Simple Python camera on N900?


    Can anyone show any code examples of how a simple Python camera app would look on a N900? (Under any available OS/UI environment) & documents of what the Python camera API's provide on that camera.

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    Re: Simple Python camera on N900?

    Currently python is supporting only Symbian devices,,,,means application developed by python modules and API works in Symbian....

    While N900 is maemo(OS) device, If you want to develop for the N900 then you start work in Qt.
    Develop for N900

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    Re: Simple Python camera on N900?

    Python is already there in N900 and PyS60 is supported on only symbian device. Core Python comes with N900 and you can develope application using python. But I am not sure if accessing the mobile functionality is yet supported or not.
    Jajal Mehul

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