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    Security on phones

    Hi all,
    I m interest to build some application to increase the security of phones while connecting to internet or when sharing data in a Ad Hoc Network..
    I would like to have some hints, tricks, interesting docs or links I can refer to start this project..
    I would like to know if sniffing for instance is possible just on Maemo platform as far as I concerned..
    I would like to know about already existing software open source I can integrate on some phones..

    Thanks a lot for your help

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    Re: Security on phones

    This is the wrong technology forum you are posting under.

    If you are interested in Symbian, post this on "Symbian Networking & Messaging".

    Also I must say that if this is your first Symbian application, this might be a diving into a bit of a deep end. Certainly not the easiest things to pull off.

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    Re: Security on phones

    I made some applications.. about streaming,etc..
    anyway.. why Symbian? if I would like to do that on Blackberry? there is not Java ME there?

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    Re: Security on phones

    This type of low-level stuff is not possible using Java ME. You'd need to go to the "native" operating system level (which in the case of Nokia means Symbian or on the maemo devices Linux, and not possible at all on Series 40 based devices).

    What comes to other manufacturers (like RIM), you'd better go to their developer forums.

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