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    Flash Lite on S40 and localhost


    I try to load resources from localhost on Nokia C3.
    The localhost source is a web server included on a SIM card (SCWS).

    It's seems not possible to load any type of files: swf, png or text files.
    Same code can load text file from internet.

    I try: SWF file embedded on a html page or directly by launching SWF file..

    Is it normal?


    Alain Brun

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    Re: Flash Lite on S40 and localhost


    I am trying to get some resource from the localhost (via SCWS), but I cannot get any type of resource. From the technical point of view, the "data available command" is not generated by the Nokia C3-00 in order to start the BIP protocol. Do you have idea about how launch the "Data Available" (BIP open channels were opened sucessfully) . Maybe when I can get generic resources i can help you investigate what happen with the swf files. ok?



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