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    Advanced SIP VoIP Settings disappeared


    I have recently bought a Nokia E52 and I'm quite happy with it. A bit annoying is the setup of alternative VoIP accounts, but after downloading the SIP VoIP Settings tool, I managed to set up my German Easybell account within a few minutes.

    As the phone is a bit low on memory, I uninstalled Ovi Contacts and Microsoft Communicator as well as Share Location. Now I realize that not only the SIP VoIP Settings have disappeared, the same goes for my SIP-Account and the possibility to add a service in the address book.
    I have reinstalled the SIP VoIP Settings as well as Ovi Contacts, but to no avail. The program manager says that SIP VoIP Settings are installed, but are nowhere to be found.

    Is there any other way to get access to this functionality without doing a hard reset?



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    Re: Advanced SIP VoIP Settings disappeared

    Ok, it seems after turning off the phone, removing the battery and turning it on again, the VoIP-Settings were back under "System" and I could reactivate the Easybell service. However, I still had to re-enter the SIP settings under "Connections". Strange, but now it works, even without Ovi Contacts and Microsoft Communicator...
    Wanted to delete this post, but was unable to.

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