Hi guys I'm trying to do rtp streaming between my symbian s60 client and my PC java client, I'm using CRtpAPI provided by S60 extension api, some code is copied from an example from http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/S60_RTP/RTC_API, and my java client uses jlibrtp, a java implementation of RTP protocol.

For testing purpose I created a dummy java client on my pc, which sends blank rtp packets to my symbian client every 33 milliseconds, and I found my symbain client stopped receiving after 100 packets received. I tried several times and got the same problem, there is no error in my symbian client, it just stopped receiving.

I'm not using rtcp, and my symbian client is not sending anything. There is no error in my java client.

Did I miss anything? any tips?