Hi all,

I am testing an music app on the X3-02 , and experience some stranger issues.

Problem description: The player automatically stop when song play at 70% time. It could not play the song completedly with parameter progressive_download: enabled is defined.

1. Device: X3-02 Touch + Type
2. OS: S40 V3FP5
3. Config: Set progressive_download: enabled in JAD.
4. Using following code to play song from URL:

try {

Player player = Manager.createPlayer("http://upload2.mp3.zing.vn/test/Canh-Chim-Hai-Au.mp3");



} catch (Exception e) {

4. Result: Song was successfully started playing with progressive download mode but it always stop at 70-80% with all format 128kbps or 32kbps. means similar like you can only hear a trial version of the song with 70-80% length but not completed.

So please help to explain this. Perfectly we would like to use this mechanism, although in a worse scenario we can have a workaround solution that is to download the file in chunks then create a list of players to play song chunk "one after another" but there's still some delay when switching between 2 players.

Thank you!