Hey guys,

Ran into the Web TV wiki yesterday and started to work with it today, got allot of it working but i've ran into a problem... I'll start by describing what i got setup and get to the problem afterwards...

Debian with apache + mod_flvx installed (so apache can stream flv files)

Nokia N97

I've written a bash script to convert .avi files to .flv files, these flv files are availablle on the internet (tested them with VLC player, streaming them from the webserver)

I've written another bash script that creates the RSS file needed for the web TV widget, which is also available on the internet (so the widget can get the needed information)

I've edited the settings.js so it's set to the correct RSS URL and packaged it, send it to my phone via bluetooth and installed the widget.

The widget is working, retrieves the information from the RSS feed and everything just looks fine and works.

However, when i tap a video for playback i just get a white flash player screen and no video. The wlan connection details on the phone doesnt show any activity what so ever.

Did i miss something in the configuration for the widget for this to work? After writing those scripts and preparing the debian server i just dont want to get stuck on this, gotten this far idea eh

Thanks in advance,