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    Widget as a service


    I would like to know if it is possible to create a WRT widget that is enable to move the application to the background (we can not stop the application, it continues to operate but is not on the foreground of the desktop).

    In fact I am looking for to develop a widget that is capable to receive automatically informations (looks like a PUSH compliant application), but if I well understand push is not supported on WRT.

    Thus, I am looking for to develop an application which is started by the user or automatically and run continuously on the device to check regularly if new informations are available.


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    Re: Widget as a service

    I'd look into doing such an app using Symbian C++ or Qt for Symbian based phones. Java works OK for background apps, too, but very limited applicability on Series 40 devices, and Java wouldn't necessarily be ideal for it on Symbian, either.

    With a C++ approach, you can write a proper service that autostarts, and if required, you could also make a separate watchdog process/service if required.

    Using WRT for this kind of a thing, I'd forget.

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    Re: Widget as a service


    Thanks for your answer the problem is that I already develop such application for other platform (blackberry, iPhone, android), and 85% of my code is composed by html/css/javascript, thus I would like to reuse it, that is the reason why I am looking for WRT.

    In this case is it possible to create a C++ container which is capable to inject or display content in the browser (on full screen mode) ?


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