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Thread: how to use CBA

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    how to use CBA

    hi nokia experts,
    i am unable to find proper documentation on CBA in the
    series 60 SDK documentation.Where can i get it?
    regards sandy.

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    Hi ,

    Info for CBA in Series60 SDK documentation can be found in the following path :

    » Symbian OS v6.1 Edition for C++ » API Reference » Uikon Resources » EIK_APP_INFO

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    nice!!! thanx

    Well i have gone thru it but got nothing except the following

    LLINK cba=0; Control Button Array resource.The CBA is the main command input element in a Crystal application, and replaces the toolbar that was used for command input in ER5.

    Target type:


    Default value: 0

    Quartz does not support a CBA.

    i want to know more abt it and its architecture.
    if u have any more info plz inform me
    with regards sandy.....

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