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    Question process to signing when use exe embedded inside normal gui pkg???

    i want the actual process regarding my app signing,details are here:-

    1.i have mainly created symbian exe(console (application)) file that create sip & linked voip profile,just a normal gui app created and then embedded exe in pkg,then i just want to know that only gui sis file needed to symbian signing or we submit both individually for symbian signing???

    2.now my 2nd query that i make individually sis for 3rd fp1 & again seprate for 3rd fp2,then we need to submit individually for symbian signing,means need to pay for both fp1 & fp2 for symbian signing???
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    Re: process to signing when use exe embedded inside normal gui pkg???

    All .sis files have to be signed individually, even if you are planning to embed them into an other .sis file.

    However note that
    - you can simply merge .pkg files, there is no limit about the number of applications deployed via a single .pkg/sis file
    - conditional installation exists, so you can have both FP1 and FP2 .exe-s in a single .pkg file, and decide which one to deploy in installation time
    - embedding is necessary only if a given component may be used and delivered by multiple independent applications.

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