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Thread: Title bars

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    Title bars

    Where can I find guidelines for how to use different title bars in 9210?

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    RE: Title bars

    Every view should have a title bar. The title bar is the same colour in every application in the UI and within any one system palette. There are three different kinds of title bar according to the view layout type (see chapter 6). The title font is Systemfont24pixbold, and the colour is white with a black shadow. The title text should start on the same vertical line as the application texts (the margins are the same).

    In list views, the height of the title bar is 30 pixels and the top margin is always 3 pixels. The length of the title bar depends on the Application Area width and there is always a 3-pixel margin on the left and right-hand sides. The title bar ''fill colour'' is a gradient and has no frame. The title text margin is 20 pixels.

    In editors (e.g. text and WWW), the title bar is slightly different. There are no margins at the top or at the sides. The height of the title bar is 30 pixels but there is a black line at the bottom of the bar (Figure 59).
    The title text margin is 10 pixels wide.

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