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    Dear All,
    We need to find out if this attribute will be supported on N8 device.
    or in other words how can we make our java application auto start on boot if we will code it in j2me

    This will help to make our application in Java or QT

    Thank you all,

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    Re: Nokia-MIDlet-auto-start

    I think it should support.

    You can test the above attributes, if is supported by N8 or not.

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    Re: Nokia-MIDlet-auto-start

    I believe that PRACTICALLY there is NO WAY to Auto start the midlet on device boot.

    Theoretically j2me developers have been given two ways to achieve it; 1 JAD attribute (Nokia-MIDlet-auto-start), 2- push registry. But both are USELESS when they come on practical ground to achieve this solution perfectly as its names say (auto start).

    Let me clarify how –

    1. Nokia-MIDlet-auto-start
    This JAD attribute is applicable since s40 3rd edition FP2. BUT only in Manufacturer / operator domain. Meaning that App must be signed by Operator or Nokia and this is far difficult to have for a general developer. Just signing by Verisign or thwate etc won’t work. So Not viable for every one (Whether the prompt for auto start will come or not I can say as I have not seen the App behavior in this domain, after getting signed by Nokia or operator)

    2. Push registry
    This is also used to auto start the midlet, But this is not possible to get rid of the prompts (yes / no) even if the midlet is signed (by verisign or thwate) in most of the devices. So with these annoying prompts auto start is no where in practical. Auto start is when Midlet gets launched without user intervention and users’ knowledge. Please look here



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