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    application opens only after 2 tries

    Hello all ,

    I have a weird situation when only on the second click my app starts .
    on the first it blinks fast and won't open .
    my app contains the ProcessCommandParametersL() which checks if the app was recently on , but it also happens when the device is on and not restarted .

    I am using the E66 .

    New Info :

    My iAutoStart is not initialized on the constructor or on ConstructL() .
    My ProcessCommandParametersL() Looks like this :


    if (aCommandLine.OpaqueData().Length() > 0)
    iAutoStart = EFalse;
    iAutoStart = ETrue;

    return CEikAppUi::ProcessCommandParametersL(aCommandLine);
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    Re: application opens only after 2 tries

    Check the panic code for the first time run crash. And then try debugging and find out which line of code is raising the panic.

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