Hi Nokia Expert,

We submitted an application for nokia developer account 10 days ago, but from then on it always tells us "There is an existing membership application already for this program. The applicant will be notified by e-mail once the membership application has been reviewed. ", seems this application is never reviewed and processed. I heard that Nokia have a guarantee that this process would take only 1~2 days, so could you experts tell us what's going on here? Is there anything wrong?

We need a developer account to request an API-Partnering case, so we did the same as above 13 days ago using another nokia forum account. But we found that we have used a wrong forum account which is owned by one of our developers. Though the application(for developer account registration) had been reviewed and developer account was created, we had to abandon that developer account and used a new Nokia forum account which is owned by our company to resubmit an application for nokia developer account. But this time something goes wrong, it hasn't been processed for more than 10 days.

It's urgent, please help us.

Best Regards