I am trying to use AT-commands on the N8 but the call to RComm::Read or RComm::ReadOneOrMore never completes.

The following works on N97 but on N8 the 'status2' never completes:
RCommServ s;
RComm p;
_LIT(KModule, "dataport");
_LIT(KPort, "DATAPORT::1");
p.Open(s, KPort, ECommExclusive);

_LIT8(KCommand, "AT I0\r\n");
TRequestStatus status;
p.Write(status, KCommand);

TBuf8<100> buf;
TRequestStatus status2;
p.ReadOneOrMore(status2, buf);

N97 reach this point, N8 does not, it is stuck...
Changing the AT-command does not help. And i assume the read shall complete even if the command is not supported.

For N8 i build against the 0.9 SDK.

Has anyone encountered the same problems or have any input about this?
All hints are welcome.

Also: On the page What's new in Symbian^3
they mention 'Centralized AT-command Handling'. I have failed in finding any more informaiton about that. Anyone knows where info about that can be found?