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    I’m using
    python for S60 1.4.5 on a Nokia N95 8GB.

    I'm having
    some problems related to the canvas redraw utils.

    I do define a canvas for my application with a redraw_callback() method and It works fine.

    But, in my code, I'm using the akntextutils module (In particular I’m using the
    PageBuilder class which redefines a canvas for app.body with its own
    redraw_callback method).

    The application seems to work normally but, after I get into one function which
    uses the akntexutils.PageBuilder class and then go back into main screen, I do
    see the main screen but, as soon as one popup menu or something else is
    displayed in the app.body it never
    goes away... it seems like the canvas' redraw_callback doesn't work, even if in
    the code I re-define it after going out from pageBuilder.

    Working with Bluetooth console, I checked the code for redefining the canvas and it works, but
    during running it doesn't work.

    I don't really know where the problem is.

    someone can help me.
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    Re: redraw_callback???

    what about showing your code ?
    might help you

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