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    Display Buttons in the Source ported from 3rd FP2 to 5th edition?


    I've developed VOIP application for S60 3rdMR, FP1 and FP2.
    I ported the source code from FP2 to 5th edition.
    I compiled and succeeded.

    When I try to add a button on the Container.cpp, I can't find button component on the palete window of Carbide C++.
    Can you tell me how to handle this?

    And secondly, I declared "#include <aknbutton.h> ", 'CAknButton* iFirstButton" in the header file.
    And in the .cpp file I define button's construction function.
    After finish this work, run program as debug mode but failed.
    Please help me to solve this program.


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    Re: Display Buttons in the Source ported from 3rd FP2 to 5th edition?

    Generally the UI Designer is not an omnipotent tool, it is not sure that it supports new controls. It may also require some efforts to explain a 3rd-edition UI design that it has become 5th edition, I do not know.

    For the other variant, use the debugger. Keep the error messages enabled (http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...ded_panic_code), and it is also a good idea to switch on Just In Time debugging in the preferences of the emulator (if you get a message about ECMT manager, search for ECMT in the Wiki).

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