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    Question Shared Sqlite database


    According to Qt documentation and Nokia examples, a Sqlite database in Symbian can only be created/accessed in the application's private folder.

    Is this limitation correct? Isn't there a connection option to use a specific file outside the application's private folder?

    The purpose is to share the same database between two different applications. Other alternatives/suggestions are appreciated.

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    Re: Shared Sqlite database

    This is limitation of Symbian application write access, rather than Qt or SQLite.

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    Re: Shared Sqlite database

    I already have the write access capability and certificate. But I found the solution.

    The problem was not really the permission but the path to file. Usually in Qt, you should put the path as '/' as Qt replaces it according to the platform. But for the Sqlite driver I had to use '\\' as the Qt for Symbian was not handling it properly.

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    Re: Shared Sqlite database

    If the Qt documentation says that it's wrong. A SQLite DB can be in any valid, accessible directory.

    But, as you discovered, SQLite does not play by the rules with regard to file paths. You need to use '\\' instead of '/' and specify the full path.

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