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    Question Hand cursor always show when use touch screen on Flash on N97


    We are developing a widget for N97, containing a flash video player, which can be controlled by touch screen or physical keypad (arrow keys for fast forward/rewind). When using only keypad it's fine. But when we try to control to player by touching, a hand cursor shows and the keypad will only be able to move the hand cursor.

    We have already set WRT navigation mode to tab by setting "setNavigationEnabled" to false, and the SWF is Flash Lite 3.0, embedded into the HTML using "100%" as width and height. Have been googled a lot but nothing useful came up.

    I think it's caused by having both touch screen and physical keyboard, but no clue how to fix it. Any ideas?

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    Re: Hand cursor always show when use touch screen on Flash on N97

    I believe that it's happen because you are using keypa. Maybe, you can change your flash player and include buttons to forward/rewind.
    Javier Zambrano Ferreira

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