We were previously running fine on nokia N95, N79 phones where our symbian application would access the camera on the phone so we could capture live video feed. We could display the contents of what the camera was able to capture on the device that was capturing it, and send the feed out to our severs with no problems.

However on the Nokia N8, we are able to install the same symbian application, and we are able to launch it - however when we try to capture the feed no picture shows up on the display.
The user is pretty much blind as to what video he/she is capturing. But the application is able to send the contents of the video stream out to our servers. (I hope this makes sense).

There seems to be an issue rendering the window to display the picture that the camera is capturing on the N8 device display.

The code is

CWindowGc& gc = SystemGc();
gc.BitBlt(TPoint(0,0), &aFrame);
aFrame i tried to write as a jpeg. After exiting program I can see the content of image its perfect.

The displaymode also does not have alpha parameter... not sure what is causing this.. Have also tried to draw an arc - but that is also not working. Writing text works fine..

Please let me know if any other thing I need to do for N8.