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    audiooutput example fails to start on symbian device but runs on emulator

    I am using Qt SDK 1.0.1 to build and run various examples on a nokia E72 and the emulator. All examples tested so far work OK except for the audiooutput example which gives the message

    Starting application...
    Could not start application: General OS-related error

    The example works OK on the emulator.
    Has anybody tried to run this example on a symbian device ?

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    Re: audiooutput example fails to start on symbian device but runs on emulator

    Have a look in %temp%/epocwind.out (after running in the Symbian emulator) and look for a warning about missing Capabilities - it's possible that the .pro file is missing a capability that it needs to have. From http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility-1...uickstart.html it seems that the multimedia module may require "UserEnvironment ReadUserData WriteUserData ReadDeviceData WriteDeviceData" capabilities (depending on which classes you utilize, I guess).


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