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    can't adjust volume when .swf is packaged as .sis file


    I'm having a problem controlling the volume when the .swf is packaged in a .sis file.

    When executing a .swf file, there's no problem, the volume can be adjusted with the control keys + and - on the phone, displaying a volume bar on top.

    When launching the same app installed from a .sis file, the volume cannot be adjusted, and takes the value that was set before the application was launched (the one that was set previously when executing the .swf version of the file, or any other .swf file for that matter).

    To be more precise, it CAN be changed, but ONLY allowing a margin of ONE unit on the volume bar (one up, then one down), which is useless.

    I'm using FlashLite 2.1, or 3.0
    S60 3rd ed. (but same problem with 5th ed.)
    .sis file created with Carbide C++
    It seems that it doesn't depend on the device, tested on 5800, and E71.

    I think this may have to do with the way I package the .sis file, so using a different packager may be the solution, although it may also bring other problems. I'm using Carbide C++ as I have published before using it, and everything is fine, apart from that issue.
    Does it have to do with capabilities?

    Thanks in advance.
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