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    wap server activity


    my scope is to let nokia's mobile phones download .mid and other contents over wap.
    Now, i'm hosting wml pages on my server, with links to .mid and other files. Everything works good, but from the phone you must go on the site by yourself.
    I would like to know how to send to a mobile phone a LINK to a file or to a page.
    It is necessary to send a wap Push or are there some other simplest way to send a Link with a simple SMS?
    I've tried to send a simple wml page whith SMS but only text arrived.

    Thank's anyway

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    Yes, the simplest way (for the mobile user) is to recieve a WAP Push.

    You cannot send your WML code in the text of an SMS, it will arrive in the "Messaging" application and think that it is just text.

    If you use SMS, you can simply include the URL of your wml page in the text of the SMS. Then, when viewing the message text, the user must go to "Options" and there will be something like "Find" in the menu and it will have an option of "Phone number", "E-mail address", "URL address". Choosing any of these options (for example with "Find">"URL address") will highlight all properly formatted URL addresses in the text. The user will then have an option to "Open" this URL... and it launches the phone's browser with the chosen link.

    Another method you can use is by sending OTA Configuration SMS. Using Smart Messaging, you can send WAP bookmarks which the user can choose to save as one of their bookmarks in the phone's browser. For more information on this, refer Section 3.2 of the "Smart Messaging Specification, Revision 3.0.0" at www.Forum.Nokia.com
    under "Technologies" >> "Messaging" >> "Smart Messaging" >> "Smart Messaging License"

    Good luck and have fun!
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