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    Debug .so file created with Boost.Python from QtCreator

    I have created a Python module using Boost.Python. I want to debug this module using QtCreator. The module is simply a MyModule.so file.

    In Python, I will do

    import MyModule
    a = MyModule.MyObject()

    The do_something method is implemented in C++ and I want to debug it. Does any have a recommendation on how to achieve this?

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    Re: Debug .so file created with Boost.Python from QtCreator

    You need to launch "python" executable in the debugger, then set breakpoint on do_something (e.g. with "rbreak do_something").

    rbreak is a gdb command - you can execute gdb commands by enabling Window -> View -> Log, entering the command to the log pane that pops up, and pressing ctrl+enter.

    In your case, though, it may just be easier to use cgdb or plain gdb.


    - You need to ensure that your module has been loaded before invoking "rbreak". You can do this by letting your program run for a while (without entering the position where do_something is called), then interrupting the debugger (shift+f5, or ctrl+c in cgdb).
    - If you just want to track a crash, you don't need to set breakpoints, just do post-mortem analysis of the program. If you don't know how to do this, let us know.
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