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    how to store information that application was installed?


    I would like to ask if you know any methods of storing an information that an application has been installed to a device. In my scenario, the application can be used freely for a period of time but after that time user has to register it. After reinstallation I would like to keep the information that application has been installed (possibly with other data - remaining free period) and not to allow to run it in free mode.

    I think of creating a hidded file in file system but it is not very safe. Do you know any better methods? My target devices are 3rd edition FP2

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    Re: how to store information that application was installed?

    You can find many discussions and probably some Wiki articles too, demo and registration may be good search keys.
    If you have the device only, the more-or-less hidden file is the most you can do. You can mix cryptography and other stuff in the picture, but still: the file has to be in a public folder (since your private folder is removed with the application), so the user can access and/or remove it. A little addition could be also storing the last time of execution - it can help filtering attempts to set the clock back.
    The only safe solution is to have an activation server on the Internet, it can identify the user and/or device (IMSI/IMEI) and decide if it is entitled to a free run or not.

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