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    Nokia 5800 + GMAIL


    I read my gmail mails using the main messaging tool of Symbian (in the same place of SMS, MMS, ...)...

    When I receive a new mail, I have an indicator saying that I have a new mail... But after reading the new mail, the indicator is still displayed and I have to reboot the phone to have the indicator not displayed or to suppress the mail on the phone and on the server of gmail...

    Do you know why and how to solve this ?


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    Re: Nokia 5800 + GMAIL

    Hi there, frasene

    This is looks to be more a question from end-user point of view, and as this is developer support forum, we should be actually going for the Nokia Support Discussions site. First of all check your firmware by typing *#0000# and check this post, if it helps. Otherwise I recommend you write your question there and most likely you will be answered more precisely in no time.


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