Hi there, first post,

Im currently using a Palm Pre and while i wont slate it, beacuse it has its definite benifits, im looking to upgrade to a proper linux based phone/mid device.

Terminal usage (a big must for me) on the Pre is minimal and if i have to ssh into another machine to run my old faves then i can do that on any mobile even WinMo (spits).

im definetly getting one or the other . .

So the question is:

Do i got for an n900 now?
- It is a little bit chunky
- meego is probably going to steal all the dev's away, even with QT im thinking it might be a bit late to adopt an n900
- 24 month contract @ £35 (UK£) pm upgrade deal.... kinda long, but nessisary for unlimited internet...
(currently paying 45 a month on an ungodly o2 contract that ends on the 4th Nov...dont ask)

Or do i await the mythical n9?
- Its sooo much thinner, sexy looking if i dare got hat far.
- But id be an early adopter . . . and that doesnt always work out.
- No idea when its actually going to land and im getting the feeling it wont be released at the meego expo.
- Contract Price may well be heftier than the n900 ...

Thoughts from real n900 users please (not interested in going the symbian/phone7 route before anyone asks)
(can i run vm's of meego and maemo to have a play?)

feel free to point me somewhere else if this is the wrong place to be asking