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Thread: CSIP class

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    CSIP class


    I was referring to the SDK documentation for CSIP class, and i see that the class exposes NewL() and NewLC() methods for two-phased construction. I also understand that this is a singleton.

    I wanted to know whether it is allowed to derive a class from CSIP? If so, how can that class object initialize the base class object using NewL and NewLC()?


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    Re: CSIP class

    Generally: classes with NewL/C are not meant to be derived from. When a class with two-phased construction is prepared for extension, it has a BaseConstructL method (AppUi and CAknView are examples for that).
    What would you expect from deriving anyway? CSIP has no immediate private stuff, and the internals of the contained CSIPImplementation object would not change anyway.

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