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    How to send unicode e-mail using RSendAsMessage


    I have used RSendAsMessage class in my app for sending emails. Everthing is working fine and the mails are being received by the receiver properly. (http://blogs.forum.nokia.com/blog/pa...-email-address).

    Only problem I am facing, is with Unicode characters. My email is mix of English and other unicodes. The unicode text part is not getting displayed properly by the receiver. If I don't use this code and send e-mail directly from native interface, then the unicode characters are getting displayed properly at the receiver end.

    Is there any setting required seperately for sending unicode characters?


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    Re: How to send unicode e-mail using RSendAsMessage

    I remember seeing earlier posts on teh problem with this API and I can not remember seeing any solutions, thus you might check MTM sending options, with them you can easily change the encoding to support unide characters.

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    Re: How to send unicode e-mail using RSendAsMessage

    Humm.. Thanks for the reply. After I posted my query here, I found that there is some API given in RSendAsMessage class to set the character coding but that is for S^3 not in MR or FP1 SDK

    Anyway.. I will try something else.. thanks again.

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