import appuifw,audio,e32,key_codes

def keys(event):
if event['keycode']==key_codes.EKey5:
def load_list(filename):
f = file(filename,"r")
lst = [ ]
for line in f:
return lst

def sel_list():
choice = [u'one']
index = appuifw.selection_list(choice,1)
text = load_list(u"e:\\hellotest.txt")
num = len(text)
for i in range(0,num): # this is my problem
t = text[i] # this is my problem
audio.say(t) # this is my problem
print t

def quit():
app_lock.signal() = u"Textspeech"


i try to make text to speech program ( i'm a beginner )
that can read from .txt (and pdf if i can)
and in that problem lines when i run this in mobile
i have found that the sound (that in real it should read smoking is...)
isn't like that. moreover my text file contains very large string it should read very long.

i have try and try again
but it isn't work.
any one help me pleaseeeeee. T^T