First of all, thanks in advance to contributing member for any time they could spare me and (I would really appreciate it if you could Type in the Question number to which you provide the answer / correction to.

I'm in an academic internship and I have to suggest some implementation for an NFC payment solution. I have been reading the basics through white papers. I have some basic questions regarding some harder to find info.

Q1. Should the a user be allowed to touch & pay if the location they're on is outside of GSM Range? If not or if you save the data and transmit it later, is that the work of the application provider (Phone Midlets) or do the MasterCard payWave and Visa VSDC already take care of that particular situation?

Q2. Since payment is done in the secure Card Emulation mode, I assume the Reader/Terminal is the one who send the payment data through GSM? (correct me if wrong)

Q3. Is it possible to exchange some sort of data (simpe string tbh) from the phone to the reader when they touch BEFORE paying? I would like to have a unique code that identifies the purchase id of which the user is about to the payment, therefore being able to identify it and make the content downloadable after that.

That is all for now, I have just one or two more questions but don't wish to bother you too much as of now. Thanks in advance for any input.