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    'Error:file not found <12>' ???

    Hi all,

    I have a problem;

    I have N70 and I installed Carbide 2.6 , S60 V2 FP3 SDK...

    I building the S60 V2 applications on command line (cmd) but when I want produce the "*.sis" files with 'makesis *.pkg' command , I have encountering a problem.
    The problem;

    *.pkg<12> : error file not found..

    What is source of this problem?

    I am sorry for my bad English...
    Excuse me...

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    Re: 'Error:file not found <12>' ???

    That 12 is usually a line number, so check what file the 12th line of the .pkg tries to refer, and check if it exists.

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