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    DESFire tag emulation.

    Hi to all.

    I need to configure a 6212 to "emulate" a DESFire tag. Acording to the suplier (not the manufacturer) of the RFid reader i'm using , it's necessary to configure a DESFire card in the phone, in order to be able to comunicate with it, using DESFire's native protocol.

    How can i configure the phone/create a card on it? I tried to explore the menus but i found no tag type to be configured. Are there any nokia tools to create cards on the phone?

    Ok, i realize now i was lacking a lot of reading on the NFC subject. After exploring a little the forum and other websites. I realized there's actually an option for configuring an embebed tag on the phone. On the Simulator, i seem to only be able to configure MIFARE Classic and NFC Type1/2 tags. Is there some tool to allow me to actually configure a DESFire blanc tag on the actuall phone? Or do i need to create an applet to emulate the card? I couldn't quite get it from all the reading i've done during the weekend, so i would be gratefull if someone pointed me towards the right direction.
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