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Thread: Please help

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    Please help

    my trial version and full version of the same application in ovi store,but today ovi take off the trial version,they said that 'selecting the "Buy" option from the prompt and the following error message is displayed in the browser: "Permission denied - Sorry, you don't have permission to retrieve the link you requested."

    But I really don't what's wrong with it?Because the link from the trial version to the final version is get from ovi customer service.And i send several email to ask if the link is right,they said it is right.
    So why the buyer can not access to the link?

    Because I am a chinese developer and I select that my application can be sold in any country except China.So I can test the whether the link is right.
    The trial version application is https://publish.ovi.com/content_items/show/38147#item
    the full version is https://publish.ovi.com/content_items/show/36986#item
    And the link from trial to full version is http://store.ovi.com/content/36986.
    And one can tell me what's wrong with it?
    If this is related with the country?

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    Re: Please help

    Anyone who knows the answers,please send email to sales@xclock.com.cn. Thanks in million!

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