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    Angry [moved] The Nokia vs Customer Service Challenge

    Nokia, let's see what your made of?

    I bought a nokia N97 around 3 months ago. At this stage the Blackberry was the phone to have (still is) but being the nokia fan that I always "was" decided to go with the N97. Now please understand that this phone was an out-right purchase, not "free" on some contract, so it set me back a few bucks.

    I have since talked friends out of taking Blackberry's, iPhones and other brands, convincing them that the N97 was the best phone ever made!

    Since the beginning of month 2 I have had nothing but trouble with this NASTY piece of hardware that Nokia has sold to me at the price of 2-3 months rent of a house or a cruise for a week to some island.

    The phones final destination and what happened today, which is what got me to challenge NOKIA on this forum is this. My phones battery died, I plugged it in using the original charger, with absolutly no response from the phone. I then thought it was a batter problem, bought a new battery, put it in and the phone came on. Then wanted to charge the battery as required, no response.

    I then tried the usb data cable, no response from the phone or the pc. I called nokia up and was told to do a hard reset as it was a software problem (hahahahahahaha) what ever! I gave them the benefit of the doubt as they are Nokia and they should know what they are talking about right? LOL. I reset my phone, lost all my data, 3 months of images, email, contacts etc (I admit, I should have done a backup). My mass storage is non-exisitant anymore, it does not even open the folder or the drive, it tells me it is in use.

    Even if my data was still on the phone, how would I get it off? The usb does not work. And how do I charge the phone?

    I am very dissapointed in my choice for taking the Nokia apposed to the iPhone as was my other choice, but even a Blackberry would have proved a better choice.

    I would like to challenge Nokia right here to contact me and come up with a solution, to fix the phone for me (and provide another while doing so) or giving me a replacement. I will update the thread on a daily basis with all (if any) feed back I get from Nokia.

    Come on Nokia, show us what your made of!

    Kind Regards,
    Jonathan de Reuck
    South Africa

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    Re: The Nokia vs Customer Service Challenge

    You are challenging Nokia on the wrong site, Forum Nokia is about supporting 3rd party software developers. Check the discussions on http://mea.nokia.com/support

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