hi there,

i already wrote this topic to another forum here at forum.nokia.com but i think it was in the wrong folder...

my problem: i load a transparent .png image from a resource file. then i want to draw parts of the image into a new image. therefore i create a new image with

Image mutableImg = DirectUtils.createImage(w,h,0x00000000);

this should be an empty tranparent image. then i get the graphics context:

Graphics g = mutableImg.getGraphics();

and draw the loaded one to the new image:

g.drawImage(loadedImage, xOff, yOff, TOP|LEFT);

i used to test all that on the nokia 7210 device and the emulator and everything was fine.

but now while converting it to series 60 the resulting image is no longer transparent when using Graphics.drawImage. it has a black background. If i use DirectGraphics.drawImage the result is transparent, but this drawImage-method is much slower than the standard Graphics' image drawing method.

is there any other solution? is this only a series 60 problem or occurs this error also on a series 40 device?

thanks for help,