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Thread: display problem

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    display problem

    Hello everyone

    (i'm fench sorry for my bad english)

    I have a display problem in my application.
    I want to display a full screen image
    but some buttons appear

    Here is my code:

    public class MyCanvas extends Canvas
        public static int w;
        public static int h;
        private Main main;
        private String resImage;
        private Image img;
        public MyCanvas(Main midlet,String resImg)
            resImage = resImg;
            this.main = midlet;
        public void paint(Graphics g)
            BoiteOutils bo = new BoiteOutils();
        		System.out.println("Chargement de " + resImage);
        		img = Image.createImage(resImage);
        	catch (IOException e)
        	w = getWidth();
        	h = getHeight();
            g.fillRect(0, 0, w, h);
            img = bo.resizeForDiapo(img, w, h);
            int imW = img.getWidth();
            int imH = img.getHeight();
            int difW = (w - imW) / 2 ;
            int difH = (h - imH) / 2 ;
            g.drawImage(img, difW, difH, Graphics.LEFT | Graphics.TOP);

    I have a N97mini and when the phone is open, the buttons do not appear
    The buttons that appear are 4 arrow keys (left right, up, down) and a round button in the center and also 4 buttons (A, B, C, D)

    I tried with Canvas and GameCanvas, but no difference

    Thank you for helping me

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    Re: display problem

    Welcome to Forum Nokia Discussion Board!

    Please add below JAD attribute in your App's JAD File

    Nokia-MIDlet-On-Screen-Keypad: No

    Another developer had asked the same question here. You may see the discussion below



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    Re: display problem

    Thanks for your help

    For people who have the same problem
    look here :



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