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    Lightbulb I want a mobile for adventures!!!!

    I have a Nokia 5140i, I've always loved the phone, and i've had it with me on my adventures in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. But... I've had it for 4-5 years now, and it's showing signs of it being soon time to be exchanged.
    So, I'm out looking at what Nokia has on the market. I soon realise that what I need isn't on the market at all. I've seen the Nokia 5500 Sport, but it's missing some things and it's already an "old" phone.

    What I want, is a mix of the 5140i and the 5500 Sport, with GPS and a cool adventure-design.

    Why haven't Nokia made that? There's a huge market for it out there!!!

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    Re: I want a mobile for adventures!!!!


    This discussion board caters to issues faced by 3rd party application developers. For end users issues and peer support please post your query in http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/

    Good Luck!!

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