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    Question Sending raw data by USB cable

    Is there any way to send raw data by USB in PyS60? I'd like to make my own nokia robot, by I don't want to use any microcontroller, so I decided to use USB, but I haven't found module just to turn it on/off.

    If it isn't possible, should I try C++?

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    Re: Sending raw data by USB cable

    No microcontroller?

    I think you could use something like an Arduino with Bluetooth, headphone output, even USB, and this would get you up and running in no time (I'm talking from personal experience, but with the N900). I'm not sure if you can change the USB behavior of the device with your app at all, and I wonder what could happen if you manage to do it and a bug in your code ruins the USB driver - you might not be able to connect to your phone anymore, and could end up with a bricked phone!

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    Re: Sending raw data by USB cable

    Well, I already know what to do: I will build a frequency comparer with 4 outputs and I will set 4 sounds to play on each event: wheel 1 on/off, wheel 2 on/off, wheel 3 on/off, wheel 4 on/off.

    Also, I want to build an autonomic robot, which will use camera of my Nokia - much work, but I think I will do it.

    Sorry I replied so late, but i have an influence.

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