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    CSIPConnection and MSIPConnectionObserver

    Hello list,

    I need some clarification on how to implement the interface methods for MSIPConnectionObserver as part of the CSIPConnection class object.
    The documentation says this:
    The CSIPConnection class must implement the callback functions defined by MSIPConnectionObserver.

    Would it be correct to define a class derived from both CSIPConnection and MSIPConnectionObserver and then the define the pure virtual functions inherited from MSIPConnectionObserver?

    Please clarify


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    Re: CSIPConnection and MSIPConnectionObserver

    I do not know where you have read that, but you can not really inherit from CSIPConnection. You should rather have a CSIPConnection* member variable. The other part is true, you have to inherit and implement MSIPConnectionObserver.
    class CSomething ...
    class MSomethingObserver...
    class CMyClass : public CAnythingElse, public MSomethingObserver
        CSomething *iSomething;
         void HandleSomethingEventL(...);
    void CMyClass::ConstructL()
    this is the common usage pattern.

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