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    problem for access point scanning on E7/Symbian^3

    Hi all,

    I've been using the code below on S60 for a while to get available access point (wifi, gprs etc.)

    RConnectionMonitor monitor;
    monitor.GetPckgAttribute( EBearerIdAll, 0, KIapAvailability, iapBuf, status );
    User::WaitForRequest(status) ;
    However on Symbian^3, more specifically on the E7, the code does not see any GPRS bearers available; I get only wifi available bearers.

    In the Symbian^3 SDK documenttation, the same code is given as example.. so it should work.
    I have tried enabling/disabling the auto wifi-scan from phone, without success.

    Has anyone experienced the same problem ?
    Can this be a Symbian^3 bug that should be reported ?

    Thanks in advances for your feedback.
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    Re: problem for access point scanning on E7/Symbian^3

    Try to use below code for IAP in Sym^3:

    TFileName iapName;
    TUint32 iapID;
    TInt err;

    // open the IAP communications database
    CCommsDatabase* commDB = CCommsDatabase::NewL();

    // Open the IAP table
    CCommsDbTableView* view = commDB->OpenTableLC(TPtrC(IAP));

    // Point to the first entry
    if (view->GotoFirstRecord() == KErrNone)
    view->ReadTextL(TPtrC(COMMDB_NAME), iapName);
    view->ReadUintL(TPtrC(COMMDB_ID), iapID);

    // Store name and ID to where you want to
    } while (err = view->GotoNextRecord(), err == KErrNone);

    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // view
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // commDB

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    Re: problem for access point scanning on E7/Symbian^3


    thanks for the quick reply.
    I think i've not been cleared. The code you posted actually retrieves all IAP from the phone "databases".
    However, it does not perform a scanning on the availability of the IAP at the time. Say, if the phone is out of wifi coverage, wifi bearers won't show. Same goes if phone is outside GSM/3G coverage, GPRS/3G data connection should not show up.

    Since I could not get IAP availabiilty, I tried to connect to GPRS, I got error KErrAccessDenied. This sent me on the right track.
    I've checked phone settings of E7: Settings> Connectivity> Settings.
    I've discovered an option "Data use in home country" with 3 choices (Automatic, Always ask, WLAN only).
    The default settings was WLAN only, hence the KErrAccessDenied when trying to connect to GPRS IAP.
    This was as well the reason for failing to discover available GPRS/3G data bearers.

    I've changed it to "Always ask", now the issue if fixed.
    Changing the settings to Automatic seems to work as well.
    Hope this may help as well someone else facing the same problem.


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